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Vendr is continuously experimenting with new ways to improve your experience and add new value to Vendr. This feature is currently limited in availability but if you have ideas on things you'd like to see in Vendr, let us know in the Feature Ideas portal!

About This Article

Price checker is a brand new feature on all of our Buyer Guides. It is a fantastic way to get insight into whether or not you have a good price on a purchase or renewal. This article covers how to use it.

Finding the Price Checker

  1. Click Buyer Guides on the left side bar

  2. Browse or search for the product you are interested in learning about

The Price Checker is on the right side of the Overview page of every Buyer Guide.

Using the Price Checker

To check your price, simply fill out the easy to use form with as accurate of information as possible.

You will then be guided through a few questions to allow us to better understand your circumstances and more accurately assess your quote.

The final step asks if you would like a Basic price check which takes about a day, or a Full quote analysis which takes about 2 days. Once complete, you can move on or click Chat with an expert if you have any additional questions for our SaaS Advisors.

The results of your request will arrive by email.

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