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Savings tracking and insights
Savings tracking and insights
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We've introduced a new feature that lets you track and record your savings right in the platform. With this self-service tool, you can compare your performance against a benchmark and understand your progress in saving, helping you become a procurement hero! This article covers how to set it up.

Track and Record Your Savings

  1. Click Agreements in the left-hand sidebar

  2. Select the Agreement Name and navigate to Savings Insights in the top menu bar

  3. Enter the Initial Supplier Quote

  4. Click Save to store the contract and visualize your savings journey

Savings Journey

  • Your savings journey provides a fun experience that helps you understand how well you're saving compared to similar purchases:

    • Preparing to Save: You're in the lowest tier, better than up to 25% of similar purchases

    • Base Camp: Mid-tier, starting to save significantly between 25 - 50% of similar purchases

    • On the Ascent: High performance, nearing top savings between 50 - 75% of similar purchases

    • Peak Performer: Top tier, achieving optimal savings between 75 - 100 % of similar purchases

Savings Insights

  • After adding your initial supplier quote, you'll see your Savings Insights:

    • Negotiated Savings: Track the total savings you've negotiated for the contract

    • Potential Savings: Compare your negotiated savings against typical savings for similar purchases

    • Narrative Style Report: Learn how your performance ranks against other customers' savings

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You can find a comprehensive view of your savings performance with aggregate reporting on the Agreements page.


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