Upgrading to Vendr Premium Procurement

Upgrading to Vendr VIP Pro? Here's everything you need to know with the change!

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Video Overview

Making the change over to Vendr Premium Procurement? This video will walk you through some of the differences and highlight the biggest changes you'll see. For a written overview, check out the rest of this article for more information.


Important - Please be Aware:

  • After your upgrade to Vendr Premium Procurement, you may notice that your draft workflow templates are missing. If that’s the case, please contact Support and we’ll help get them restored.

  • Once upgrades are started, they cannot be reversed. Thank you for your understanding.

Overview of Navigational Updates

The navigational updates are what you might've seen before, but with new names. You'll now find the Intelligence and Procurement sections on the navigational menu.

  • Intelligence = Data, where you view information

  • Procurement = Actions, where you do things

Overview of Individual Sections

  • Home - your landing page as you log in

  • Buyer Guides - Get insight and data on purchases

  • SaaS Advisory - receive background support on your requests

  • Agreements - contracts

  • Requests - new and in-progress new purchase workflows

  • Renewals - upcoming and in-progress renewal workflows

  • Approvals - list of active tasks that need to be completed

  • Suppliers - the supplier that provides the product you are looking to purchase

Background Support vs. Supplier-Facing Negotiation vs. Technical Support

Background Support - use SaaS Advisory button on main navigation menu

Supplier-Facing Negotiation - use Connect with a SaaS Consultant button inside Request Details page for an individual workflow

Technical Support - use Help Chat on main navigation menu

Notification Options

Depending on your permissions, learn about the choices you have for customizing when and how you receive notifications from Vendr. This article provides more information.

Support Options

Should you need technical assistance, this video highlights where to click Help in order to get in touch with our support team. This article provides more information.

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